Why you couldn’t run in Camp Aguinaldo in early 2016…

(An updated blog on the situation in Camp Aguinaldo can be accessed through this link (https://runningadik.com/2017/02/13/sports-and-fitness-in-the-camp-a-guide-for-running-in-camp-aguinaldo/) Please take time to browse this as well. Thanks.) So the rumors and quips are all true. You can't run or bike (or swim?) at Camp Aguinaldo anymore. The Military Police (MP) have been making the rounds of the... Continue Reading →

Achievement or Experience? A Runner’s Perspective

Indeed, at the threshold of another historic election, our spidey-senses are heightened as we are bombarded, on a daily basis, with both information and trash about real and potential candidates. Let me sort this out by illustration. Scenario 1: ┬áJob applicant for an executive position was declined, despite his 'more-than-20-years-experience' in the pharmaceutical industry. Reason?... Continue Reading →

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