The Inevitable is here: Clark Cardimax Ultramarathon, September 3-4, 2016

Very few races are as organized and thorough sa Clark-Cardimax. One actually hears the buzz on the year’s edition more than 6 months pre-race. This does not just reflect meticulous preparations but puts due emphasis on runners needs above everything else – when it comes to ultra-racing.

The past months have been nothing short of seriously fun training, moving forward to the event on Sunday, Sept 3-4 at the Clark Freeport Zone. Who can forget the indoctrination at bootcamp level that began all the way back May 2016, with such industry stalwarts as Atty Jon Lacanlale (RD, FatAss races) tackling ultramarathoning basics, Francis Diano (Pace Prehab and Recovery) showing us how to best recover and recharge and seasoned ultrarunners sharing their experiences.

Then came a series of groundwork with progressive longruns all over the City, made more doable with the help of the top running teams like Rhina Sison and Ayala Triads. Of course, the culminating activity was the race briefing conducted recently at the actual race venue in Clark, giving Race Yaya’s Iris Torcula and Tin Ferrera more intimacy with their captive market of eager-beavers!

team momnetum milers
longrun with Team Momentum Milers

At day’s end it will come to this. You will run and race. You may suffer some, in silence, but there will be MORE moments of pure bliss, especially when manna, in the form of rains, come from the heavens.

For now, stay informed and keep active. After all, ultramarathoning is really about going back to basics – left foot, right foot and you’re closer to your ultra-destination, one  foor at a time!

SAFETY is key in ultra-races! Scouting 101 rules.


reminders and schedules
You can’t be a RUNNER is you can’t keep TIME.
station looties
Sometimes its not all about what you get after the race; it’s also about how you REFUEL during the race!

An early BIG THANK YOU, Race Yaya, for bringing an epic race to life again!

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Continuing Blogging Experience: BLOGex 2016

​BLOGex 2016: A Convergence of Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

We are very excited for the biggest convention of Bloggers happening this September 24, 2016, with the biggest names of personalities online who are all making a difference and now will be with us as speakers ala TEDx. Please check the confirmed set of speakers. Thanks also to Manor Hotel Baguio for being one of our sponsors.
Confirmed list of Speakers:
Ilac Diaz- Founder, Liter of light
Lourd De Veyra- TV Personality

Xiao Chua- Historian

Janette Toral- Founder, Digital Filipino Club, Book Author and dubbed as the E- Commerce Guru of the Philippines

Grace Bondad Nicolas, COO, TAG Media and Public Relations

Robert Yupangco, President, Yupangco Group of Companies (Yamaha Music, Zoobic Safari,

Camille Montejo, CEO, Tree Top Adventure

Edwin Sallan, Writer, TV5 Interaksyon

Sonnie Santos, Chief Equipping Officer, WSPH Training and Consulting

Jose P. Rizal, Online sensation

Dean Jorge Bocobo, Rocket Scientist, Political Analyst

Pocholo Gonzales, Founder, Creativoices Productions

Richard Mamuyac, Writer, Blogger, Philippine Daily Inquirer

For partnership/sponsorship and speaking opportunity, please contact the organizer at 09166299381 or at TAG Media and Public Relations is the organizer of Asia E- Commerce Expo, Asia Digital Marketing Expo, Asia Leaders Talk, Asia Leaders Forum, Asia HR Expo 2016: The Digital Talent Acquisition and Asia Travel & Tour Expo 2016: The Digital Tourism. For delegate pass, registration is Php 5,000.00 (Full Conference for corporate). Bloggers are free to attend.

Presented by TAG Media and Public Relations to promote the ASEAN region as a premier business destination. The conference serves as a hub for networking and spreading of ideas that help executives overseeing enterprises across the Asia Pacific region. Speakers are leaders in their industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of significance to the ASEAN region.

Be one of the speakers. Grab the speaking opportunity. Call TAG Media & PR at 09166299381 and look for Ms. Grace Nicolas.

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Leading the Super-Charged Life with Tweetie de Leon: Organique Açaí

image courtesy:

Because of its origins from the Amazons and how people there have maintained strength and vitality for years in the harsh forests, Acaí Berry is known for its overall benefits, mainly as an antioxidant and provision of essential fatty acids to prevent cholesterol formation. This results in slow release energy that makes açaí an ideal superfood for endurance sports where stamina and energy are important.(

This makes açaí  an objective and sound option for runners like me who lead highly charged lifestyles, trying to achieve the work-life balance while doing sports. Not only can disease be prevented and optimum health attained, performance may also be enhanced, with improvement in oxygen capacity. You will recall how important VO2 is, especially for competitive runners who want to take their speed all the way to a podium finish. Superfood açaí’s proven antioxidant properties may just as well be part of an athlete’s overall training plan.

VO2 max is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use. It is measured in millilitres per kilogramme of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min). (source:

As a product born in the 90s, there are many açaís in the market and there is Organique Açaí, the one that cuts above the rest.


organique logo 2

Organique officially began five years ago with husband-and-wife team Elton and Cathy Salimbangon, who were working in the United States at the time. The hectic schedule left them feeling chronically sluggish and stressed, until Elton found a job with an organic juice manufacturing company in California and discovered the need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules. Cathy was working as a registered nurse, and noticed that they too seemed frustrated with not having the time to take better care of their health. The couple saw an opportunity to create a beverage that would supplement people’s daily health needs without having to sacrifice time or budget. After putting in the research work, they decided to go for it.

In 2010, Elton and Cathy dropped their lives in California and set up Organique in the Philippines. They first sold the bottles door to door, until it was made available in drug stores and supermarkets.

As the company grew and evolved, the Salimbangons felt the need for their packaging to do the same. “In order to thrive in a global market, we enlisted the help of a top designer we met during the Organic and Natural Health Show in London last year,” says Cathy. “This new label incorporates nature in a simple yet elegant manner. With this, we aim to reach consumers worldwide and showcase our premium-quality organic products.”

On July 28, 2016 at the Makati Shangri-la, Organique Acai unveiled a freshly-minted makeover of its packaging, as well as its newest celebrity endorser: supermodel and role model Tweetie De Leon Gonzalez.

13872420_1150581991669509_1020497154_n (1)
Launching the new look and its brand ambassador Tweetie de Leon, Makati Shang 072816
Organique’s Cathy Salimbangon could pass off easily as an image model.

Tweetie, as the newest face of Organique,  “…..exemplifies our brand’s values. She has maintained a healthy lifestyle, and at the age of 52, is now reaping the benefits,” says Cathy. “She is a working mother of four who not only built herself a career as a supermodel, but as a businesswoman as well. She is the epitome of the saying, ‘Health is wealth.’” Learn more about how super-charged this woman of the world has become in the next section.



Q&A with Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez

 You are regarded as one of the Most Beautiful Faces in fashion and entertainment. What are your top 5 beauty secrets for that young-looking and healthy glow?

Thank you so much for the distinction, though I truly don’t put much thought into it. I live a relatively fuss free life, quite simple, I must say.

  1. Taking daily greens. Like any regular child, feeding me vegetables was an enormous challenge for my parents. It never really appealed to me to give earth-grown nutrition the slightest chance. It was only when I was pregnant with my first child, who has recently just turned 20, that I considered eating vegetables to ensure the good health of my baby. Since then, my day is not complete without a hefty serving of greens.

  2. Sun protection. Sunblock is my version of American Express Card – I don’t leave home without it (for the millennials, this was the famous tagline of the credit card back in my younger days). I don’t shy away from Vitamin D and the sun, but I do due diligence in protecting my skin from its harmful rays.

  3. Staying active. Exercise has been a part of my life since my mid-teens and has therefore been deeply ingrained into my lifestyle that it is now difficult to shake off. I most certainly slack off a bit at times, but I pretty much look for a sweaty challenge quite regularly. I’m addicted to the “happy hormones” called endorphins, released after a bout with heavy physical activity, that I cannot go by for long periods without a workout.

  4. Stress-free living. We are never without stress in this world, but I am teaching myself to let go of situations I have no control over. Anxiety arrests health and happiness, and nothing is worth risking your sanity and well-being. Just pray and lift your worries to heaven. Everything will sort itself out.

  5. Balance in everything. My key to happiness. Balance in nutrition, in exercise, in work and rest, self and others.

Have you always been into fitness and sports?

ACAI_TWEETIE_9I first held a volleyball at age 10 and played from late grade school through all of high school. Outside of academics, Sports was my first glimpse into hard work, discipline, perseverance, fair play and time-management–values that give me focus to this day. Being reed-thin at 15, I enrolled myself in a gym which gave me a better understanding of how our bodies work and how each body part responds to certain challenges.

I’ve engaged in many different activities throughout my life. I was likewise into biking, kickboxing, cardio classes, and ashtanga yoga. I used to train for running, but I now run on my own, mostly before my schedule for strength training in the gym. There’s squash. I was an avid scuba diver as well, a sport I gave up when I started my family but slowly getting back into now.

 Do you play sports as a family?

Each one in the family has his or her own choice of sport or activity. My husband is into basketball, two of my sons are into football, my other son is now learning tennis, and my daughter gyms regularly. We do find ourselves working out together sometimes, but the schedule of my college kids can prove pretty hectic.

How huge a part does food and nutrition play in your healthy lifestyle? 

ACAI_TWEETIE_5My family are not big eaters, nor are they picky. Their appetites need not be controlled nor do they need to be placed on a certain diet or nutritional plan. We all believe in moderation. We eat our favorites but we take just enough, never overindulging. We are all quite easy to feed.

As a role model for beauty and fitness, you’re now the endorser of Organique Acai. What can you say about the experience, and the products, so far? 

I developed hyperacidity in the past two years. Initially, I had no understanding of acid reflux and thus, continued to engage in practices that exacerbated my condition. I learned more about it from friends and fellow sufferers, yet it was still a trial-and-error kind of discovery for what my main acidity triggers were. It was, as some of you may know, a terrible, painful, uncomfortable experience during each attack. I was completely dependent on over-the-counter medicines for first aid and maintenance.

I learned about Organique Acai from Ms. Cathy Salimbangon herself, who I met fleetingly and serendipitously two years ago. With no contact since that initial brief meeting, we reconnected–a number of months back from today–with a nice reintroduction to each other, and to the product. I was able to try this drink supplement after that second meeting and have continued with this health practice to this day. Since my first drink, I have been able to manage my hyperacidity without the help of strong meds, save for a few severe cases of an attack. It has so many other astounding health and beauty benefits that I enjoy that I even bring a bottle with me during trips. I take a straight shot of Organique Acai right out of bed every morning and another one in the early evening. The practice helps manage my high acidity levels by providing an alkaline environment for my system.

For you, what’s the biggest importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle?

An active lifestyle is just as important as nutrition in achieving good health and well-being. It is something that everyone must make time for in the same way that we all make time for our meals. Treat it as a sacred hour of self-love and cherish every minute for there will be infinite rewards.


An inspirational message from the other super-charged WOMAN behind Organique!

Organique’s Cathy Salimbangon on Acai Berry

  • Berries for Longevity
Organique Stalwart Cathy Salimbangon with Tweetie de leon

Working with energetic and fit elderly patients in Beverly Hills made Cathy conclude that berries as part of their nutrition was instrumental for long life. Thus began her research into acai berries and her search for the high quality ones that can really be considered as superfoods.

Acai berry became the premier product since it is the most nutrient-dense fruit in the world. Another important feature was it being an antioxidant. It was a meticulous task to have products at Organique made from natural, wild harvested acai berries from the Belém region in the State of Pará, where Brazil produces its “cream of the crop” acai.

  • Acai made from excellent technology and manufacturing

Organique’s manufacturing facility is located in California, which is known for its stringent regulation on food safety. It has been a leader in the development of Nutraceutical and Functional products using Proprietary Aseptic Technologies and Flavor Systems, which is supported by experienced and trained R&D Chemists and Microbiologists that are continuously developing products using the freshest ingredients, and latest processing innovations.

ORG_ACAI_3 (2)

  • Organique Premium Blend is a concentrated acai drink supplement, hence customers enjoy and feel the benefits since they are receiving a megadose of acai.
  • Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsules 650mg is composed of pure acai freeze-dried powder. It contains no fillers and other chemicals. All products are USDA (certified organic in the USA), non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.



Giving Organique Acai its supercharged and elegant new look with an inspiring brand spokesperson in Tweetie, Elton and Cathy’s vision for Organique has come full circle when they say: it’s not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle.

Organique Acai is available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, Pure Pharmacy, and South Star Drug. Visit for more information.


iWOMAN: A Maternal Health Advocacy

Women of child-bearing age must be invoked on to read and understand Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10354), informally known as the Reproductive Health Law or RH Law simply because it deals with the rights of women in a world of differing views on maternal health. Remember that the initial proposal for the RH Bill came around in 1967 and from then on stirred controversy after controversy until the much-debated revision of this Law was passed in 2014. And then, it took the pre-election and election campaign periods from 2014 to the early part of 2016, and more proponents for and anti, to further form a wedge on an already long-divided nation…ultimately landing on a new presidency and administration that projected a future of more responsible women coming into play.

I’m a survivor of generations of women in my lifetime. I was among the Maria Clara type of women of the 60s and 70’s when sex and pre-marital sex were only heard of in whispers and hushes. And then came the independent, working class of women in the 80s and 90s who struggled much against the stereo-type as we learned more and more about women who got very sick and even died from reproductive causes. At the turn of the millenium, it was really a battle between conservatism and modernity, as we began to talk openly about the plight of women and not getting adequate maternal care.

image courtesy:

It is important that women have access to information related to the health concerns of the female anatomy, even if reproductive processes seem to be the crux of it all. Belatedly, hormones play key roles in all womanly functions and therefore, drugs and related products that regulate hormones are a part of a woman’s armamentarium to ensure a healthy reproductive system.

While we can leave the statistics and hard strategies to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local authorities such as the Department of Health (DOH), we should make it our mandate, AS A WOMAN, to help one another, in the best way we can. Even if the only way we can help at all, is to spread the real deal on what it will take to improve maternal health care in the country today. It is no longer excusable to embarrass or be embarrassed, at encouraging peers to put more emphasis on science and objectivity (versus conservation-religion and emotionalism, I’m afraid  to say) when it comes to our health and our lives.

image courtesy:

Contraception for responsible parenthood is one such tool that can help women stay healthy and happy, for as long as she makes informed decisions. Even staunch Catholic obstetricians and general practitioners are now recommending the use of COCs (Combined Oral Contraceptives) with products that can clearly support a woman’s life and family goals. Admittedly, however, the successful practice of COCs in the Philippines is severely  untapped mainly due many misconceptions and perceptions about its use in birth control.

image courtesy:

Weight Gain. Subject is still widely debatable as differing studies have proven conclusive to make a definite stand. An extensive research conducted in 2011 at the Cochran Database System Review analyzed 49 studies that compared a variety of birth control methods with placebos and found no evidence that birth control causes weight gain. In contrast, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a study in 2009 that found the use of  Depo-Provera may have caused weight gain and increase in body fat in its subjects. One thing is certain: Your OB must be consulted to get the better options using contraceptive methods.

No conception while Breastfeeding. Even in the Philippines, this seems a likely cause of a lot of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.  A reality check is that breastfeeding exclusively (without supplementing with formula) can suppress the hormones from the pituitary gland that make you ovulate, but it’s not a guarantee against conceiving. Is the uncalculated risk of pregnancy something you can (or cannot) handle?  You decide.

No conception with Non-drug Contraceptive Methods. The so-called “safe” period of some days before and after your menstrual cycle presents an even higher risk of getting an unplanned pregnancy. It is funny that the woman who can make these calculations are certainly healthily ovulating individuals whose cycles can be largely affected by day-to-day worries about life and family. The only way to secure a non-pregnant state in a sexual relationship is to take contraceptives while one is still actively producing hormones.

For more myth-busters on birthcontrol, you may want to check out the friendly advisories from

Behind a successful Woman…is her Obsterician!

annabelenalensuelaIn a round-table discussion held last July 27, the almost-all-women media contingent was treated to a seriously-but-lively talk with the bubbly Dra. Anna Belen I. Alensuela, FPOGS, a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist  at FEU Hospital and a staunch advocate of the RH Law relative to improving maternal health.

She related her experience at defending the RH Bill, especially in objectively defining and clarifying conception versus the faith-inacceptable abortifacient.

With her vast knowledge and research on the development of the Pill comes renewed hope that the newer generations of COMBINED ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES are not only more effective (than traditional means) but also better tolerated.

Dr. Alensuela appealed to us all to help spread awareness that COCs are all about improving quality of life while being responsible women and enjoying our sexuality.

iWoman: A Woman’s Health and Wellness Advocacy

The campaign for women’s welfare has never been this purposeful. This sends a shockwave of a message that women also have to take care of themselves to be the best that they can be to the world.

i matterWomen matter. Much as women have accepted the God-given fate as the conceiver of life, they have long been around as professionals and leaders too.No longer arebthey just confined at the sidelines but now, rather, seek the full spectrum of their womanity in everything that they do and have become.

Women nurture. Call them Mother Earth or Mother Incarnate – it’s all the same. To nurture and facilitate growth is not just a function; it’s a commitment to bring happiness and fulfillment to the entire human race. i nurture

i influenceWomen influence. True women fight for their right to choice. And responsible women take it to the next level to ensure information is shared for the benefit of the most people.

iWoman. This is the new bedrock of initiatives in advocating women’s right to information and choice!

i woman

Available in the market today is a formidable line of COMBINED ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES that caters to the varying needs and priorities of the empowered woman.

The ideal pill to use for first time users is the the one with the lowest dose. The brand Minipil, is a combination of 100 mcg Levonorgestrel + 20 mcg Ethinylestradiol. (“mcg” is micro gram). It is the lowest available in the market. Other bands have 125 to 150 mcg of Levonorgestrel and 30mcg of Ethinylestradiol. Take note that low dose does NOT mean reduced efficacy, but it will definitely reduce side effects, particularly useful for newbie users.

For those that have severe acne, chances are the pill with the active ingredients: Cyproterone acetate 2mg + Ethynylestradiol 35mcg will be prescribed. It is prohibitively expensive at Php 656 in Mercury, the price you have to pay to get clear skin since the pill is made in Europe. There is however more affordable option, priced at about Php 450 in Mercury and that is Cybelle. It is also contains Cyproterone acetate 2mg + Ethynylestradiol 35mcg and also made in Europe.

For girls that have been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), chances are you have been prescribed a pill with Cyproterone acetate and Ethynylestradiol. It is prohibitively expensive at Php 656 in Mercury, Europe-made. However there is brand that is more affordable at about Php 450 in Mercury, that is Cybelle, it is also made with Cyproterone acetate and Ethynylestradiol and also made in Europe. Cybelle will definitely give you more value for your money without scrimping on your treatment.

For girls that have uncomfortable periods or PMS, treating with regular pain reliever is not enough to manage all the symptoms, especially bloating and mood swings! You have to take pills with Drospirenone and Ethinylestradiol. Do consult your doctor on how to best manage this. However, being manufactured in Europe, these pills will cost anywhere from Php 889 to Php 905! The price alone will certainly cause your moods to swing. But fret not, more affordable brands are available in Mercury; these are Lizelle, which cost only Php 629 and Liza, which is only Php 600! They have the same basic ingredients and also made in Europe. Best to check with your ObGyne as Liza and Lizelle on dosage and administration; one of them should be the ideal brand for you.

For ladies who get bloatedness and gain weight when they take the pill, the ideal pills to take would be those with Drospirenone and Ethinylestradiol. Consult your ObGyn about you weight concerns when taking pills. The recommended  but affordable brands in Mercury Drugstore are Lizelle, which cost only Php 629, and Liza, which is only Php 600!

  • prescribed information above for MD use only


We need to bring back the satisfaction and fulfillment of being a woman by giving her CHOICE. It is time to TAKE CHARGE and be iWOMAN of today.

For more information and understanding, visit your primary caregiver or OB.

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Can you RUN the FUTURE?#Run4UrFuture – Manila Leg 082816

image courtesy of

Ahhh, to be young and free of responsibility, with no cares in the world – unfortunately, as life really unfolds, the phase of careless abandon and risky lifestyle is short. This only means that seriously taking charge of your finances early in life has become as important as enjoying youth and the trappings that go with singlehood.

According to the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority), approximately 70% of our OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) belong to workers not more than 40 years of age; in fact the number of young adult workers have grown over the past decade as more opportunities for employment open up even for new graduates or those merely savvy on technical courses. (click here for the PSA data on OFWs by Age Group, 2015). While cash remittances have been instrumental in getting children to college or building a dream house, only 40% of OFWs have committed to saving for the future (PSA data on OFWs savings on remittances, 2015).  Hence we hear stories of ex-OFWs who have grave financial capabilities despite long years of service-contracts, even leading to an unhappy future for both the ex-worker and the family.

Seafarers are fortunate that the ISP (Integrated Seafarers of the Philippines)  is steeped in advocating saving for the future with awareness campaigns. These upcoming events promise to be fun and inclusive of both seafarers and the running community. After all, all of us can benefit a lot from saving for a brighter and more secure future.

image courtesy:

Run 4 ÜR Future (Live.Save.Give) is a race-series which will take place nationwide on July 17 (Davao People’s Park), July 31 (Cebu Business Park), August 28 (Manila SM By The Bay). The race features the following distances: 16K, 10K, 5K, and 3K categories, expected to attract an estimate of 1,000 – 3,000 participants from Maritime Schools, Training Centers, land- based and sea-based Manning Companies of OFWs and running enthusiasts.

Proceeds of this event will go to various foundations. For Davao leg, the beneficiary will be Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home Inc. For Cebu leg, it will be the World Vision Learning Kit, and for Manila, the Jesus Christ Cares for Cancer. Each foundation has in its primary goal  to support education and health of poorest of the poor.

Integrated Seafarers and Media Vessel invite you to participate in this worthwhile campaign. Early and online registration for the Manila leg starts on July 15, 2016 until August 1, 2016 and in-store regular registration from August 5, 2016 to August 22, 2916 of at the ISP office, and selected Chris Sports outlets in Metro Manila.


Early Registration fees for the available categories are PHP 750 for 16K, PHP 650 for the 10K, PHP 550 for the 5K, and PHP 450 for the 3K. While, regular registration fees are PHP 850 for 16K, PHP 750 for 10K, PHP 650 for 5K, and PHP 550 for 3K. All participants shall receive race bibs with timing, singlet, and freebies. Additionally, 16K and 10K runners will get a finisher’s medal and shirt. Cash and gift check prizes are in store for top male and female contenders of the race categories.

The Run 4 UR Future is made possible by the following sponsors: Alphera Marine Services Inc. Sealand Skills, Generika, Medpadala, Fern-C, MX3, Snowtime, Media Partners Trilife Magazine, DZIQ 990 am band Gabay ng Pamilyang Marino.

For more info and group registrations, please see their FB Page:

Media Vessel TV and Event Productions is a new and independent media productions company that has partnered with the Integrated Seafarers of the Philippines in various TV and event projects since 2014. Embedded with the same corporate values and principles in empowering the Filipinos, Run 4 ÜR Future came to life this year.

With this event, the ISP advocates unity and brotherhood via programs that support seafarers’ reintegration and explore maritme business and  employment with financial literacy support thru ISP-Multi Purpose Cooperatives.  This is role-modelling to the general public that regular personal savings is a smart-money way towards a more stable future and an early reintegration to have quality time with their families upon retirement from active employment.

r4uF media launch
Press Launch, 071416 at Racks El Pueblo Ortigas, Pasig

The Spirit of the Milo Marathon (in my nutshell)

Rainy season is MILO season.
After doing 5 MILO marathons since 2011, I will be taking a much-deserved break and not racing this year. It’s funny how things compelling me NOT to do Milo this year has fallen into place…But I honestly believe that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, hence I will be back next year with a vengeance! Keep the spirit alive and MILO-race those torrential rains!

Milo medals dominate my medal rack because it’s one annual tradition I couldn’t miss for the world. No typo there, I could not, not I will not. There’s an irresistible kind of high that draws you in, even when early announcements are just being made. It’s a marathon of marathons, wreaking the havoc of a tropical storm, and sending runners from all walks and experiences in life, to pause and remember what it was like in the past editions.

Leading to tomorrow’s 3AM gunstart in just a few hours from now, let me just share what it’s been like for me for the past 6 years of Milo-madness.

from from

Rain or Shine.  We could be divided on this, but the more experienced a runner you are, the MORE you would probably prefer the rains, or even a gusty storm, to prevail in the skies – rather than melt…

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Save TIME, EFFORT and MONEY: My Pocket Doctor

The right to get medical attention is a great equalizer among the social classes. You don’t have to be an indigent to learn that trying to get a consultation with your family physician is such a hassle. It’s a pain in the saddle to drive or ride in Metro Manila’s carmageddon (the netizens coined this for standstill-traffic along EDSA), get in line for more than 2 hours, talk to your MD for a limited 15 minutes and then pay an average consultation fee of more than P500.

Thank the heavens for online and digital access, doctors can now be at your fingertips…and more!

MyPocketDoctor is the country’s first telemedicine app that makes medical consultations accessible 24/7 with help and convenience of technology, enabling patients to have that private consultation with well-trained and experienced doctors from various fields of medicine. In other words, the patient saves TIME, MONEY and EFFORT from these benefits:

  1. No more allowance on travel time and gasoline
  2. No more long queue or jostling with other patients and medical representatives, or even waiting for the doctor to finish his rounds for the day
  3. No more pressure to fast-track your paid time (it is hard to have your consultation when you’re patient No 100 and its almost the end of the day…)
  4. Now you can allocate some of your funds for consultation fees to medicines from prescription or even food.
MyPocketDoctor was formally launched in the market last May 2016. This was taken with the Mediaxes Executives.

Getting MyPocketDoctor in your pocket!

Access the MyPocketDoctor website and download the application through the Google Playstore App for android users or the App Store for iOs gadgets.

Register via TEXT to 29290DOCTOR (or 2929036-2867). A nurse will contact you shortly to assist in completing A ONE-TIME registration, including a thorough medical assessment and history-taking that should be part of your Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ).

Purchase your MPD card (MyPocketDoctor card costs only P450.00 for every consult) and use the coupon code to start getting the desired consultation through SMS, the app itself, or through the website.

The MPD card and coupon codes are currently available online at the MPD website and partner HMOs. More easy availment and payment options will be open through different partners and establishments across the country.

If needed, video consults can be done with good internet connection.

The app has a link to the option of having your prescribed medicine delivered right at your doorstep!

MPD CARD 1.jpg
MPD Card (Front)
MPD CARD 2.jpg
MPD Card (Back) with coupon code in scratch-off portion

MyPocketDoctor started in Europe a few years ago but in the Philippines, Mediaxes Philippines took the logistical helm of developing it and bringing it home. The future looks bright as Mediaxes Philippines will be partnering with HMOs to expand their services in the country, giving more medical convenience to a larger number of Filipinos.


Learn more about MyPocketDoctor or shoot your queries in Facebook:

Instant access to medical care is a just a few clicks or taps away! Get a sneak peak of MyPocketDoctor here.