Garmin® Announces the fēnix® 5 series in the Philippines – Multisport GPS Watches for Fitness, Adventure and Style

Multisports, lifetyle and adventure just got rolled into ONE and it’s a Garmin!

Garmin Philippines recently launched the fēnix 5, fēnix 5S and fēnix 5X, adding three watches designed for athletes and adventurers of all shapes, sizes and competencies, to complement its popular and already well-entrenched line of multisport GPS wearables.

The fēnix 5S is lighter, sleeker and smaller than previous models – perfect for small wrists without sacrificing multisport functionality. The fēnix 5X boasts preloaded wrist-based mapping; and the compact fēnix 5, like other fēnix watches, is feature-packed and ready to take on any adventure with an all-new industrial design.

Common to all of the fēnix 5 models are unbelievably great features to keep the lifestyle as active as your sports or adventure, in Garmin-style:

  • 24/7 wearable with extended battery life

The fēnix 5 can get up to two weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode and 24 hours in GPS mode. The fēnix 5X can get up to 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode. The fēnix 5S can get up to eight days in smartwartch mode and up to 13 hours in GPS mode.4 Users can also take advantage of the UltraTrac™ power saver mode to extend battery life even more.

  • daily activity tracking ¹
  • Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology
  • QuickFit™ bands (switch between stylish leather and metal watch straps to sporty silicone, in seconds and without tools)
  • all 5 models come in a variety of cool colored bands to choose from!
  • Built-in navigation features include a 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, as well as GPS and GLONASS support to track in more challenging environments than with GPS alone
  • When paired with a compatible smartphone, users can get call, text and email smart notifications right on their wrist. Compatibility with Connect IQ is enhanced so that users can customize their watch with apps, widgets, data fields and watch faces

*To take watch faces one step further, fēnix 5 watches are compatible with the Face It app, so users can set their favorite photo as their watch face. Sapphire models are Wi-Fi® Enabled, so users can connect their watch to their home network for automatic uploads to Garmin Connect™ when within range.

  • water rated to 100 meters ², and is built to withstand the elements with a stainless-steel bezel, buttons and rear case
  • preloaded with the full multisport toolset for running, hiking, swimming, biking and more
  • More apps and connected features using Garmin Connect

The perfect-fit and advanced fēnix 5S, measuring  a compact 47mm , has a brand new industrial design and has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the wearable technologies category in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA upon its global reveal this year. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 28 product categories.

“After years in the wearables market, Garmin knows that athletes and adventurers come in all sizes, which is why we have designed the new line of fēnix 5 watches to fit every wrist and every workout,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “This is the first time Garmin has created a variety of sizes for one product so now users don’t have to choose between getting the features they want and wearing a watch that fits.

But make no mistake that power just comes with size, as Garmin also innovated on the first fenix designed with the female adventurers in mind. The fēnix 5S is a sleek, smaller sized watch that packs so much power-punch! At 42mm, fēnix 5S is small yet comfortable for petite wrists, without compromising any multisport features. Both stylish and functional, fēnix 5S is available in silver with either a white, turquoise or black silicone band with a mineral glass lens.

The fēnix 5S Sapphire has a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and is available in black with a black band, or champagne with a water resistant gray suede band or champagne with a metal band. The fēnix 5S Sapphire units also come with an extra silicone QuickFit band.

The Fenix 5X and the ULTIMATE outdoor experience!

Preloaded with TOPO Asia Pacific mapping, routable cycling maps and other navigation features like Round Trip Run and Round Trip Ride, the ruggedly elegant fēnix 5X measures at only 51mm. With these features, users can enter how far they’d like to run or ride, and their watch will suggest appropriate courses to choose from. Users can also get at-a-glance guidance from their fēnix 5X. During an activity, easy-to-read guidance cues for upcoming turns are displayed as banners on the watch so users are always aware of their route. Additionally, fēnix 5X users can use the Around Me map mode to see different points of interest, waypoints and other map objects within the user’s range to help users be more aware of their surroundings. Users can configure their fēnix 5X to see data overlays on mapping screens, and to see highlight key information without having to switch screens during an activity. The pre- loaded TOPO Asia Pacific maps include detailed maps of the Philippines and other countries in the Asia Pacific region plus over 40,000 golf courses.

Product Availability

Upon launch, the fēnix 5 and fēnix 5S will have a suggested retail price of Php 36,950; the fēnix 5 Sapphire, fēnix 5S Sapphire at Php 39,950 and the fēnix 5X will have a suggested retail price of Php 42,950.

The fenix 5 is already currently available in all Garmin Stores and selected dealers. For those who are interested in fenix 5S or fenix 5X, next month (May) is the target date for its distribution, so better hang on to your pockets — or better yet, pre-order NOW!

Only watches purchased from authorized dealers in the Philippines will include the exclusive 2-Year Garmin Protect Warranty and invite-only programs ran by Garmin Connect Coaches plus 20% discounts from partner institutions like the PACE Pre-hab & Recovery Center.

“Garmin devices are well known to be tough, rugged and of the best quality – but as an added commitment to our customers, we are offering the exclusive 2-Year Garmin Protect Warranty for those who purchased their devices from official resellers in the Philippines. By June this year, Garmin will open its first ever local service and repair facility to be ran and managed by NAVCO so that servicing can be done locally. We hope this will be a good news to many loyal Garmin fans”, said NAVCO president, Ryan Tan.

You know that Garmin’s research and development is rooted from customer needs and feedback. This can be manifested with the availability of the fēnix 5 range as Garmin’s answer to the expanding outdoor segment. Whether hiking, hunting, geocaching, golfing, or using satellite communication, Garmin outdoor devices are becoming essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, making the adventure a much personal experience than ever before.



1 See for more details.

2 See for more details.

For more information about Garmin’s other outdoor products and services, you may call 0917-8LEADER or (02)-632-9513.  You may also coordinate with our Marketing and Media Relations Head, Nikko Soria at 0917-877-7240, or follow us at


About Garmin

Garmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN). Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in Switzerland, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Garmin and fēnix are registered trademarks, and Garmin Elevate, QuickFit, UltraTrac and Garmin Connect are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

For decades, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigation and wireless devices and applications that are designed for people who live an active lifestyle. Garmin serves five primary business units, including automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation.


NAVCO is the official distributor and the official marketing and service partner of Garmin International Inc. in the Philippines. NAVCO distributes Garmin products to retail partners, operates Garmin Center stores, and will operate the first Garmin service and repair center in the country. It maintains offices in Ortigas Center, Pasig City and in Cebu City.

The Soleus Signature Series: Inspiring and Motivating Runners

kara book.jpgBack in 2009 when I started this journey called running, Olympian and elite marathoner Kara Goucher inspired me most, to get more serious and competitive without getting lost in the things normal women love – family, home, friends, me-time and love-time (not necessarily in that order). I spent hours reading running books and my personal favorite was Kara’s Running for Women : From First Steps to Marathon, ed 2011, simply because I honestly felt she was talking about me and my desire to become a somebody by finishing my first marathon in 2010.

Of course running is not all about idolizing and reading books because it came to pass that I will eventually search for tools that will help me achieve more competitive goals. It’s such a pity that back in those days when GPS watches were unheard of, even the most sophisticated running watch used just internal speedometer to give you a semblance of pace – but everything was priced way about the pay-brackets of newbie runners.

Lucky the runners of this generation that they can have both Soleus Elite Kara and a run-specific GPS watch, at pocket-friendly prices that will surely support theory-to-practice PR goals. Look at how this sleek GPS ONE snugly fits in my wrist and ready to run with me!


The recently-launched Soleus Signature Series profiles different levels of the runners in training, who may be on their way to longer distances and faster speeds! ♥





Level up your game with this special edition GPS One, designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, Kara Goucher. This Goucher designed GPS One boasts of  star designed mask and a signature backing.

Get one more kilometer in, set one more PR, take one more run with GPS ONE. One button push gets you started on your run. 8 Hours of GPS battery life and a low profile case design for comfort keep you focused on getting you the Kilometers. Track your distance, pace, speed, and recharge for your next run or marathon. SRP at Php 4950. slide5



Chase your speed demons on the roads and track. This special edition Contender was designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, Nick Symmonds. The custom watch back features Symmond’s signature and, like it’s namesake, will have you breaking records in no time.

At Soleus, we know your training doesn’t end when you cross the finish line. There’s always another race to win, PR to set, or moment to make. That’s why we created the Contender – For those of us who are always in training. SRP Php 3450.slide11



Time-based interval training is a basic training method and this special edition Chicked, designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, Alysia Montaño, can be your training partner. Channel your inner Flying Flower with the custom watch back featuring Alysia’s signature and silhouette.  SRP Php 2950. slide8

SOLEUS ensures we stay inspired and motivated in training and racing with these signature watch series, available at L Timestudio boutiques, SM, Robinson’s and Landmark Department Stores.

image courtesy:


Performance (B)Asics Time RUN 2015: The Asics Running Watch series

No, it’s not the title of a new race (but could potentially be!) but I got some elevated heart rate coming face to face with the Asics line-up of running watches during the media launch of the GPS and Night Run versions yesterday, 14 July 2015, at 100 Miles Cafe in BGC.  I’m an early adapter of the GPS technology but many of us got lost in the hoopla of information overload with the current brands available in the market. Sure, I’m interested in performance indicators but I must admit some of them are only “nice-to-know” for a mere mortal like me and also, often comes with additional cost. I will tell you right now, I was pleasantly surprised at the Asics GPS Watch when I did my 10K testrun today.

photo courtesy of Cheapanggang Diva (RS)
photo courtesy of Cheapanggang Diva (RS)

Here are my personal favorites among the other equally important features of the AG01 GPS SportWatch:

  • Information Display Designed for Ease of Reading. This is probably the single most important factor for runners challenged with visual acuity (oh come on, you mean “older” runners and runners with nearsightedness) – and the BIG, BOLD numbers on every run page is a delight and welcome change. Finally, the 1-second check on performance stats during a run is within glance.
    2 lines, 3 pages and you have it all!
    2 lines, 3 pages and you have it all!


  • Large, Easy to Press Operating Buttons.  My fingers fumbled over touch screens on a small and limited display, hence even when it became in vogue, I went back to the button controls. AG01 has colorcoded buttons, placed strategically around the watch, in standard fashion as other GPS watches. That means my “muscle memory” doesn’t have to change – even if I switch to Asics now.
  • Lightweight and SnugFit on the Wrist.  Most women like me have small wrists and we actually hate wearing a “heavyweight computer” all the way to the finish line.  AG01 is not only lightweight at 61 grams (think carrying 2 Oreos), but the wristband fits snugly right up to the buckle. The watch itself is also not too bulky hence you don’t feel it sitting on your wrist like other brands. 20150715_112925
  • A Burst of Fresh Colors. Colors, like clothes and anything wearable, reflect you and your philosophy. I can make a statement with my Blue-Violet AG01 and it says: My performance is my inner beauty.
  • Fast GPS Connection.  This may have to be validated in different scenarios and venues and yet, I have to take note that I just had an out-of-box experience, of trying to get a GPS signal in my condo balcony last night in 6 seconds flat. Talk about performance!

The other great features add up to “performance basics” that make champions out of runners:

10-hour GPS operation ideal for long runs and ultramarathons * downloadable data through AG01 RUN application * Backlight function * 5-bar Water-resistance * pocket-friendly SRP Php 7,950

Asics also launched its LED NIGHT WATCHES that come in a variety of colors that can make others stop and stare.  It’s like running on neon lights as the LED light flashes for 30 minutes into the run. The investment of Php 3,950 is worth taking.


L-Timestudio’s Iron Lady Ms Judith Staples made the perfect conclusion to this media launch by saying that “everybody deserves a GPS watch‘. That just might the reality of the future!

the iron lady at work
the iron lady at work

Part 2:  L-Timestudio’s commitment to Performance Excellence by honoring the Asics ambassadors!

So you think you need a GPS WATCH for running? (Part 1)

“GPS watches” have become a buzzword, next to running shoes, even when you’ve just started to run five kilometers in fun runs. Suffice to say, a GPS watch doesn’t come cheap, so before you jump in the bandwagon, consider the following before investing on one:

1. You have probably gone past training or running on “time” goals (i.e. one hour, two hours, etc.) Running gurus were right in teaching us that – to start performing better, TIME must be an objective. If you know an estimate distance where you regularly run (for example, UP Oval = 2.2kms), you can perform better by:

  • Running faster over a short period of time, like targeting 2 loops in 30 minutes, OR,
  • Running as many loops as possible in an hour.

Option #1 subliminally trains for speed, while Option #2 builds endurance. Let’s face it; even as we speak, all we ever needed was a TIMEPIECE to run better and faster. But technology knew some of us will get hungry for more info and will try to look at statistics in a much more sophisticated way….

Photo courtesy of Google images.

2. You’re learning to be “pace-oriented”. This means going up a notch on time goals, because pace is time over distance, ergo, improving pace is improving overall performance. In fact, some of us do not have PR (Personal Record) goals but look at pace as a more concrete measure of improving race times. Once you understand the concept of pace, it becomes second nature to check pace regularly, hence a need for a GPS watch. Still, I know some runners who still do the traditional manual writing of “splits” on a piece of paper like a cheat card — these are actually time goals per kilometer, to keep one ON TRACK to finish a certain pre-determined time in a race. One online pace calculator can also compute splits depending on time/distance/pace goals.

You can try this link for a sample pace calculator.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably ready to invest on your first GPS watch and take the world of running to the next level.