Performance (B)Asics Time RUN 2015: The Asics Running Watch series

No, it’s not the title of a new race (but could potentially be!) but I got some elevated heart rate coming face to face with the Asics line-up of running watches during the media launch of the GPS and Night Run versions yesterday, 14 July 2015, at 100 Miles Cafe in BGC.  I’m an early adapter of the GPS technology but many of us got lost in the hoopla of information overload with the current brands available in the market. Sure, I’m interested in performance indicators but I must admit some of them are only “nice-to-know” for a mere mortal like me and also, often comes with additional cost. I will tell you right now, I was pleasantly surprised at the Asics GPS Watch when I did my 10K testrun today.

photo courtesy of Cheapanggang Diva (RS)
photo courtesy of Cheapanggang Diva (RS)

Here are my personal favorites among the other equally important features of the AG01 GPS SportWatch:

  • Information Display Designed for Ease of Reading. This is probably the single most important factor for runners challenged with visual acuity (oh come on, you mean “older” runners and runners with nearsightedness) – and the BIG, BOLD numbers on every run page is a delight and welcome change. Finally, the 1-second check on performance stats during a run is within glance.
    2 lines, 3 pages and you have it all!
    2 lines, 3 pages and you have it all!


  • Large, Easy to Press Operating Buttons.  My fingers fumbled over touch screens on a small and limited display, hence even when it became in vogue, I went back to the button controls. AG01 has colorcoded buttons, placed strategically around the watch, in standard fashion as other GPS watches. That means my “muscle memory” doesn’t have to change – even if I switch to Asics now.
  • Lightweight and SnugFit on the Wrist.  Most women like me have small wrists and we actually hate wearing a “heavyweight computer” all the way to the finish line.  AG01 is not only lightweight at 61 grams (think carrying 2 Oreos), but the wristband fits snugly right up to the buckle. The watch itself is also not too bulky hence you don’t feel it sitting on your wrist like other brands. 20150715_112925
  • A Burst of Fresh Colors. Colors, like clothes and anything wearable, reflect you and your philosophy. I can make a statement with my Blue-Violet AG01 and it says: My performance is my inner beauty.
  • Fast GPS Connection.  This may have to be validated in different scenarios and venues and yet, I have to take note that I just had an out-of-box experience, of trying to get a GPS signal in my condo balcony last night in 6 seconds flat. Talk about performance!

The other great features add up to “performance basics” that make champions out of runners:

10-hour GPS operation ideal for long runs and ultramarathons * downloadable data through AG01 RUN application * Backlight function * 5-bar Water-resistance * pocket-friendly SRP Php 7,950

Asics also launched its LED NIGHT WATCHES that come in a variety of colors that can make others stop and stare.  It’s like running on neon lights as the LED light flashes for 30 minutes into the run. The investment of Php 3,950 is worth taking.


L-Timestudio’s Iron Lady Ms Judith Staples made the perfect conclusion to this media launch by saying that “everybody deserves a GPS watch‘. That just might the reality of the future!

the iron lady at work
the iron lady at work

Part 2:  L-Timestudio’s commitment to Performance Excellence by honoring the Asics ambassadors!

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