Sept 11, 2013. Bike Crash.

The night of Sept 10, 2013, my partner and I changed rear tires (after a busted interior).  We tried several times to undo and redo the tire as "something" kept the wheel from turning smoothly each time.  Obviously, none of us really thought it was serious matter; I was more excited to knock off early,... Continue Reading →

Runner Blues…

Anticipating that rehab session plus shock wave therapy will make extra weak, I decided not to run today, not even on the treadmill.  Nah, that's not being honest. The truth is I'm still feeling sad for Harley and my hopes to get back on the saddle seem dim at the moment. I know it's making... Continue Reading →

Harley, my MTB, had to go…

When I started on this journey to bike as a cross training from running, I was so surprised that after a few times, I genuinely liked it so much that my schedule took a revamp and interspersed running and biking so that I could have BOTH sports in tow. I know, deep inside when I... Continue Reading →

Getting Better…4 weeks Post-Op

Day 14, Sept 25, 2013 You don’t know how liberating it feels to have surgical staples removed. Although I knew from my son Jason’s experience when he had an appendectomy in 2010, I still felt a tugging in heart each time Dr Torres pulled at the staples. Eleven, all of them, and jokingly he asked... Continue Reading →

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