Getting My Life Back…5 weeks Post-Op

Day 21, Oct 2, 2013

Programmed for some action via driving and errands, it felt that a lot of my bouncy, upbeat self is back in the groove.  It’s funny  that  I can still drive decently simply by using the lower end of the stirring wheel. Even if this was theoretically possible, not everyone would dare as I did, since reaction time to for immediate action could be compromised.  My driving style was, obviously, very very defensive, almost leisurely, at the expense of the other motorists on the road.

Everything, at this point, was LESS painful — the tugging feeling at my implant suture, the crackling sounds at the back of my neck, some degree of impingement in my right biceps.  Because of this, I also went to see Carlo, my friend who is fitness instructor, a biker and a friend.  I like his positivism in all this, referring to my accident as just a good experience to draw from.  He also gave me a theory that the bike “rollers” were disaligned  when  we changed rear tires the night prior to accident.  Plus, he gave me an objective assessment that I would not totally decondition as he has  known me to have speedy recoveries in my previous running injuries.

Day 22, Oct 3, 2013

Sleep has also improved a lot, not in terms of number of times I am awakened due to shoulder and neck cramping…but just plain overall sleep. I do believe it’s more of the adjustment of my body towards a new wake-sleep schedule.  I now look forward to waking up at 6AM and starting my walking workout shortly.  I haven’t actually lost weight on the so-called starvation AM low-intensity workout…but at least I am not gaining any….since I know I am eating more, having access to foods at my fingertips.

I made a mental  note to find a way to get my actual metabolic rate when I’m more mobile.  Although there is no question that my metabolism is high due to my active lifestyle, sometimes it bothers me that I sweat like a pig after 15-20minutes of exercise.  And that means by the end of the hour, I am soaked and happy.  For the past week, since I started developing an inclined walk-workout  that raises my HR to an average of 145bpm (around 70% of my maxHR) and burns an average of 635 calories, I’ve noticed my legs seem to be back to normal.  After today’s walk-hour, I attempted a 5mins-very very very slow jog or shuffle that I aborted halfway when I felt some tugging in my wound.  It is this that worries me; that I might do something that might cause micro-tears  even if all I’m moving are my legs.

Contrary to that brief jog at the mill, I felt pain-free doing 30sets of ab-crunches (using a very low incline so as not to stress my back or neck).  At least I can add this specific workout starting tomorrow.  I keep getting suggestions to start weights on the arms, especially my “un-injured” right arm. To help me gain confidence and be decisive, I  have set a specific milestone that I will start weights (even the lightest one) ONLY after I get my xray that would show callus (new bone formation) .

Day 25, Oct 6

Planning for a day out, even just to Gateway/SM Cubao/Ali Mall, is a major event for someone who could not go out for weeks. But I started my day with a ramp-up of workout.

20minutes spinning yielding 200 calories

40minutes TM walking on 12% incline yielding 450 calories

20minutes TM slow slow jogging at 4% incline yielding 150 calories

40reps x 3sets abs crunches

Yes, I am crazy. Especially the slow jog part which was a wee bit jarring. I learned soon enough that if I clutch my left breast, I wouldn’t feel the tugging of my skin along the suture line. I laughed at the thought that my breast probably weighed at least a pound, to have any effect that way.  Got a bit conscious of passers by who cocked their head in disbelief that I was jogging with a hand to the breast.

But still I was happy to be feeling more and more ALIVE. Today also started my return to the usual AM routine of cooking kids breakfast and having a cup of java and PB crackers prior to workout.

Small wonder that caffeine and food helps prolong a workout and sustain high intensity periods.

Day 26, Oct 7

Sleep last night went this way: 10P-12A leakbreak; 12AM-2AM leakbreak; 2AM – 5:30AM wake up.  The tugging was still there but not as “heavy” and limiting as it used to be.

WOD: 30minutes spinning at aveHR 140bpm; 50minutes TM walking on 14% incline (this was supposed to be my HIIT, since I rested 1 minute at 8% incline then did 9minutes at 14% incline.

Abs crunches 130sets, over “rehab” stretching.  My partner assisted me in some. A bit worried that my shoulders are not  “aligned” at the moment.

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