Runner Blues…

Anticipating that rehab session plus shock wave therapy will make extra weak, I decided not to run today, not even on the treadmill.  Nah, that’s not being honest. The truth is I’m still feeling sad for Harley and my hopes to get back on the saddle seem dim at the moment. I know it’s making me feel inadequate at the moment, making me doubt if I can get back to competitive-running again.

Somehow I still enjoyed an hour of power-spinning and usual 120 ab crunches.  I took it upon myself to do physical rehab exercises after my workout to make a self-evaluation of my progress.

My left shoulder is now  approximately 75% ROM, and my right at 50% ROM. It’s the 2nd time I managed to undo my “tight” sportsbra on my own. Left me breathless and aching a bit, but I got it done.

I thought about stepping on the TM and doing a short run or walk…but suddenly it didn’t seem important or appealing to me. My God, what’s wrong with me? Must be having some blues…I think it goes with the downfall of  a dream to be a biker. After 4 years, I was really looking for some change, something more exciting than running alone.  Biking gave me that new impetus. I embraced the possibility of lesser running and more biking. I thought it was a clever move to preserve the integrity of my feet.

Moreover, I thought biking would be a key activity that my partner and I will enjoy. It was not meant to be.

Let this day be, and sort your feelings again tomorrow.


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