Step into the World of Greatness: Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe


Maximus is the Latin term for “greatest” or “largest”(, hence it is also the name of the biggest muscles of the glutes.  On the other hand, I like best of all that Maximus is a famous mythical Gladiator…

Maximus the Gladiator would have skipped the vengeance scenario if he knew he would become a symbol of athleticism in the millennial age. He would have been guest of honor during the launch of Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café and witnessed how much greatness he was named after. He would have tried his hand at cycling, duathlons and triathlons, knowing this HUB provides a wide array of bikes and bike services such as bike fit, tune-up and washing. He would be delighted with great finds in terms of shoes (Brooks, Newton), gears and gadgets (Oakley, Garmin, Suunto, GoPro) and even nutrition (Nuun, Bonk, Breaker, Carbgel, eGel)gear sec

Fast-forward to 2016 and you drive up to Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café at 126 Pioneer Avenue, SPARTA Complex in Mandaluyong City. You enter a functionally spacious shop-café, that actually looks more like a showroom.

The bikes command at least 50% ground control, hence making it a dead giveaway that the owner-manager of this establishment is no less than Coach Andy Leuterio. From Specialized to Shimanos (as well as Lynskey, State Bicycles, Knight Composites), you can get expert advice from Coach Andy on what fits you, your goal and your pocket.

The remaining 30% of this athlete’s special hide-away, is a Café that boasts none of the elitist atmosphere from other infamous coffee stores. Yet the ambience is sports-cozy, inviting hours of personal chats and game-planning. Now, we’ve all known Coach Andy’s achievements as super-athlete and super-coach, but being a coffee-phile and coffee connoisseur is certainly breaking news to the sports community. It was a refreshing surprise how he explained the process of “poured over brew” and how a coffee grinder works — pretty much like how he would explain the technicalities of a bike fit.

The coffee promise was good. Ethiopia and Spartacus blends perfectly with delicious but healthy sandwiches. Nothing UNHEALTHY from Coach Andy and Maximus!

The last 20% is like a window that completes the picture. For how can you perform at your best and achieve greatness, without Oakley eyewear. The Oakley display attracts as much attention as everything else, particularly to the fans and users of Jawbones, RadarsFlaks and Radar Locks  For a complete line-up of products available, visit

You may never find Maximus the Gladiator in this shop café, but greatness, there’s an abundance of!

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