The Inevitable is here: Clark Cardimax Ultramarathon, September 3-4, 2016

Very few races are as organized and thorough sa Clark-Cardimax. One actually hears the buzz on the year’s edition more than 6 months pre-race. This does not just reflect meticulous preparations but puts due emphasis on runners needs above everything else – when it comes to ultra-racing.

The past months have been nothing short of seriously fun training, moving forward to the event on Sunday, Sept 3-4 at the Clark Freeport Zone. Who can forget the indoctrination at bootcamp level that began all the way back May 2016, with such industry stalwarts as Atty Jon Lacanlale (RD, FatAss races) tackling ultramarathoning basics, Francis Diano (Pace Prehab and Recovery) showing us how to best recover and recharge and seasoned ultrarunners sharing their experiences.

Then came a series of groundwork with progressive longruns all over the City, made more doable with the help of the top running teams like Rhina Sison and Ayala Triads. Of course, the culminating activity was the race briefing conducted recently at the actual race venue in Clark, giving Race Yaya’s Iris Torcula and Tin Ferrera more intimacy with their captive market of eager-beavers!

team momnetum milers
longrun with Team Momentum Milers

At day’s end it will come to this. You will run and race. You may suffer some, in silence, but there will be MORE moments of pure bliss, especially when manna, in the form of rains, come from the heavens.

For now, stay informed and keep active. After all, ultramarathoning is really about going back to basics – left foot, right foot and you’re closer to your ultra-destination, one ¬†foor at a time!

SAFETY is key in ultra-races! Scouting 101 rules.


reminders and schedules
You can’t be a RUNNER is you can’t keep TIME.
station looties
Sometimes its not all about what you get after the race; it’s also about how you REFUEL during the race!

An early BIG THANK YOU, Race Yaya, for bringing an epic race to life again!

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