All-Natural and Organic: Bakku 2 Basik’s Skin Care Basics

There is no better time to embark on a better skincare regimen, than NOW, when one has all the time in the world to spare, due to Covid-quarantine. This call comes with urgency especially if you have been using pricey, imported brands that have left your largest organ (the skin) with rashes, dryness, flakes and allergic reactions. It does get frustrating to search for the “real deal” because at a certain point you’ve tried them all and now seem to run out of options.

B2B Coco Cider Vinegar Soap

As a food supplement, the benefits of Coco Cider Vinegar has been widely accepted as an organic dietary drink with low acidity, hence its many uses in both health maintenance and weight loss.

Applying Coco Cider Vinegar as a soap is a powerful but gentle way to regain or retain supple skin… and MORE.

All-natural, Organic Coco Cider Vinegar Soap from B2B
Coco Cider Vinegar Soap FAQs

Moringa Leaf Gluta Soap

Sometimes you get the most benefit from a skincare basic that contains ALL the organic ingredients you need:

  • Moringa has natural healing properties (anti-inflammatory and germicidal)
  • Glutathione has been widely used as skin-friendly lightening agent
  • The combination of Moringa leaf, Glutathione, VCO prevents premature ageing and adequately hydrates the skin
  • Salicylic acid and allantoin are excellent exfoliants that prevents acne and other break-outs
  • Oatmeal promotes skin healing and helps keep skin supple
  • Niacinamide promotes new and better skin renewal and helps protect it future damaging products

About Bakku 2 Basik

B2BManila was born out of a small piqued interest about the harmful effects of makeup and how skin can be easily prone to break-outs and adverse reactions. In 2018, the B2B Team decided to put those frustrations to use by putting up its own skin care line. After lengthy investigations with dermatologists and skin testing centers, the B2B products were made accessible in stores, some malls and in online marketplaces.

Their vision is to reintroduce the natural way of healing and nurturing the skin. For it is only in re-learning the basics that will allow a better way of total care of self.

For resellers and dealership, visit:

Hence, B2B advocates, “Living the Basics.”

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