Day 1 Back to Marathon (re) Training

The one thing I have not lost, injured or not, in my 4 long years of running — is the discipline to “prepare” for the following day’s workout.  My daughter refuese to label it as being OCD but somewhere deep inside me, I must have tinges of OCD in the way I meticulously ready my stuff (especially if its a roadrun) my alarm clock, and then a few minutes of visual-training to cap it off.

It seems like another test to my mental toughness, this bothersome feeling of “tightness” along my surgical wound covering the ortho implant. I check on this everyday and even if I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, I feel like holding back a bit when I run.  It’s not easy, though, to hold back when you are running outdoors on downhills and fast slopes.  I try to anticipate the hills and focus more on the music when I feel this  tightness.  I wish to God I will get back to my strength and agility, not so much for the sports that I love to do, but my overall well being depends so much on feeling great about my body again.

5PM, after rehab session and now resting at home.

The change in today’s session was more physical rehab than electrical. The “exercises” have become really painful but, always, after the session, I would be amazed how much improvement in ROM I have, if only for a few hours.  For tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, it seems my lazy muscles would be tight again and so i have to work extra hard for flexibility.

I was told by the Rehab MD today that the chances are high that my right shoulder will still need sessions at the clinic because of poor positive progression. At least I am continually assured the shoulder and arm will regain its ROM in around a month’s time, as long as I continue with aggressive therapy.

In the meantime, nothing will stop me from running tomorrow.

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