Early to Bed, Early to Run

I need to get back into the habit of sleeping early, so I can wake up early enough to cook breakfast for the kids and get ready for my AM run. It dawned on me that today is a workday so I might “run” into my partner, whom I just feel will be lured into biking at Agui today too.

My feet started to run smoothly but my arms were stiff until I got a full kilometer going. This time I made sure that the Rocktape over my scar covered that portion which stretches the most and where I still feel some tugging.

After 2 kms, I saw Bing running in the opposite direction and we exchanged stories, both of us still hang up about the accident almost 8 weeks ago.  Then, “he” passed by, in his bike, and my whole cover was blown. I’m glad he smiled and offered to escort with me with his bike.  So I’m really back running, with approval.

Saw a couple of more friends, but I decisively finished 10km at 1:10. Not bad for an “injured” runner. Still, I was 4 minutes over my usual “easy” 10Km, but I was certain I will get there in a few weeks time.


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