New Beginnings

I started blogging here and there over the past 2 years, but it’s been more like an ON-OFF relationship that didn’t know where to go. Of course, everything was just personal in the beginning because to write about the outside world felt a bit intimidating. But churning another milestone has its pressures, more than just renewing your drivers license. My marketing side whispered in my ear that I can inspire, motivate, educate and entertain people…by writing. It made perfect sense.

Getting fit has led me to plenty of new experiences, like trail running and now blogging!

My whole adult life has been pretty much about marketing and the pharmaceutical industry.  Although the pay and training was a wonderful experience, I was limited to structure and content that forced my mind to stay corporate, albeit, less creative. To write now means a new-found freedom that I never knew existed!  It will require of me, first and foremost, sheer honesty to myself and my philosophy in life.

There is no better time than NOW. Let this be my legacy and final calling, such that I must not bow out till I have racked my brains out trying to figure out how this thing works.

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