The Anatomy of the Better Water: LIGHTWATER

Having been a runner since 2009 has its perks. I’ve seen the running community transform from a simple highly-personal social unit, and into a demanding and discriminating buyer’s market. With the deluge of more products and gadgets to choose from, one must understand what the body needs, or risk falling for promotional jargon.

While almost everyone in sports would agree that hydration is key to performance, runners would be significantly divided when they talk about which brands replenish which minerals, and the whole gamut of details for a broad range of customers.

I’ve been searching for the real deal, for a very long time now, because I know EXACTLY what I want and this a sports drink that:

  • is CLOSE as possible to plain water. Nothing beats a cool glass of water for a sweaty runner like me. Water has amazing health benefits. It is even taught in weight-loss programs that a glass of water before meals can actually curb the appetite! Moreover, during races when you are not guaranteed a cold drink at the aid station, I would rather drink water at room temperature over flavored drinks.
  • doesn’t make me count calories. Sure, we sometimes need that sugar-rush, but when it comes from flavored sports drinks, the gross effect on the running body is definitely not a calorie deficit. By this time, almost all popular brands of sports drinks have their low-calorie version, and that’s what you call selling on “needs” and not wants.
  • is not acidic. The minute the tummy churns acid is like waiting for a vomit to happen. It is no accident that the most widely used brands have a measure of acidity (pH) of 2.75 to 2.95. Take your pick of gastronomic uncertainty with your current drink!

    we were conquering trails in Tanay when we met Lightwater
    We were conquering trails in Tanay when we met Lightwater.
  • is low in sodium. Some people ask me why I don’t take salt during a race or run. I don’t, because I don’t need extra sodium other than that what already cootmes with our usual foods. Being Ilokano by blood, I grew up in a family of people with a taste for salty things – until cardiovascular risks drew the line for us.

If you are anything at all like me, then Lightwater comes to our rescue….

I’ve been on Lightwater mode in both my regular and long runs, before and after both road and trail races, and even during daily workouts and cross-training.  I’m particularly sold on its wonderful attributes:

Lightwater is BETTER water because of its alkalinity.  The pH of 8.2 is just right (drinking water standard is from 7.5 to 8.5) to calm our internal organs; some attest to this pH as contributory in preventing acid reflex in at-risk runners. (Koufman, 2012)

calcium, magnesium and potassium...what more can you ask for?
calcium, magnesium and potassium…what more can you ask for?

Lightwater is BETTER water because it has specific ELECTROLYTES (calcium, potassium, magnesium) I need to be at my best. These minerals keep our body hydrated, enhance performance, and other important functions in the brain, heart and nerves.

Lightwater is BETTER water because it is Pure Water. For people who like to look good or stay young-looking (that’s me!), Lightwater is a natural daily detoxifier and skin moisturizer.

So make your water count. Recharge and go BETTER with Lightwater.

20150630_134832Lightwater is a SunCoast Brand electrolyte-enhanced water that come in 650 mL bottles. It is available in Mercury Drugstores, Family Mart stores, 7-Eleven and Ministop Convenience Outlets, and leading grocery chains of Shopwise and Robinsons Supermarket.

I’m sure all runners go through their own journey trying to find the sports drink that’s just for them. This is mine, now feel free to tell me yours!

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