To be an #EYECATCHER, You have to wear one! My EyeCatcher Take

If you run and race, you are always UP against any of these low-light and low-visibility scenarios, all of which will make so much sense to use EYECATCHER Vests and LED Identifiers:

  • Unless you are preparing for an ultramarathon and doing heat-training, weather-wise and climate-wise, the best time for your training runs is either early morning or night time, or anytime from dusk to dawn.
  • Your weekend LSD or race is mandated during the wee hours of the morning. The race organizer intended this strategy of starting your 21K race at 4AM because  he figured you will finish in 3-4 hours, on the average, and it becomes compelling to open the roads to regular traffic as soon as most runners have crossed the Finish Line.
  • Long races and ultras are your thing. The LONGER you stay on the roads, the greater your risk for accidents.
  • You’ve started to love trail-running because it gives you the opportunity to see your country, at large! But this kind of race can also start early, and even in broad daylight, the mountains and forests are considered low-light environment, making it sometimes difficult to see other runners ahead, or be seen by your team mates!
  • You signed up for a BIG, BIG race which makes you a tiny drop in a bucket of eager-beavers hugging the roads and jockeying for positions even in narrow streets. Do you realize you could even be competing for road capacity with pedestrians?
  • You find it difficult to find sports apparel and shoes with reflectorized material and you’ve trained with your old-reliables to try and break PRs.

The EyeCatcher advantage: High-Visibility Vests

  • Unmistakable SAFETY features:  Fluorescent neon-green bodice with reflective silver strips. Both colors and material adapt and transition from low-light to day-light environments.
  • Adjustable velcro straps to shape whatever shape you’re in. Personally, I don’t prefer a snug fit with the EC Vest
  • Stay-on Ergonometric V-design. The V-shaped bodice not only allows optimal freedom of Range of Motion in the upper body; it stays and doesn’t slip off on the run, unlike the more commercial brands. You wear it, and then, you forget about it!
  • Breathable, sweat-proof material. The longer the run, sweat management means wearing only light materials from head to toe. At the end of the longrun, you find out it takes only 10 minutes of air-drying to get the vest ready to be used again.

If visibility was the primary endpoint in determining the usefulness of the Eyecatcher Vest, I tested how effective it would be in the recently-held race DZMM Takbo Para sa Pamilyang Pilipino along Roxas Boulevard, starting at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila, to Makati-Kalayaan and back.

dzmmThe 21K race started at 4AM and daybreak didn’t unfold till 6AM.  Large portions of Roxas Boulevard were poorly lit but towards Buendia, runners had to be more cautious and careful, sharing the roads now with pedestrians,  motorists and traffic personnel. I smiled every time I caught the attention of a seeming “obstruction”. Their eyes always went from the Vest to eye contact, a simple acknowledgement that I was “seen”.

Midpoint along Buendia Avenue-southbound headed for Kalayaan Road, another race utilized the opposite, northbound lane.Out of the blue, a least 6 people shouted my name from that other race. When asked how they could have seen me, I heard the same reply, “We can’t possibly miss you with your reflective shirt.”

The final and most crucial visibility test came as I approached the Finish Line, fronting the Quirino Grandstand. Now in broad daylight at 6:30AM, the road and parking lot leading the FL looked like a sea of cars, people, runners, bikers and sellers — all weaving in and out of cars to get going. I was still trying to run despite the lack of elbow room but I didn’t have to muscle my way through as people, upon seeing me (and my EC vest), gave way or stopped a bit to give way. Needless to say, I finished the race in strong and bold moves, as I have always wanted.

Next test will be a trail run or upcoming trail race. Have no doubts that the EyeCatcher vest and Led lights will make the safety and visibility grade with flying colors!


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Here are some useful information to know more about EyeCatcher products and how they work:


LED lights tutorial:

battery refill:

shoe strap:

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