POWERMAN DUATHLON World Series 2016: Raise Your Level of Competition

There comes a time in a runner’s life that you have to LEVEL UP, or go bust. And I want to bet that if you’ve sat on the saddle for years, you’re just as curious of what it could be like to raise your competition by a notch, by doing more than just biking.

First, a crash-course on what duathlons really are.

Duathlon presents itelf as a more accessible sport (as compared to aquathlons and triathlons, in my opinion) but should not be regarded as any less compared to other multisports.  Some feel that there is a natural progression from running to biking and vice-versa. No wonder, runners and bikers have become better athletes, by becoming duathletes.

All the best and quality duathlon EVENTS globally are gathered under the brand POWERMAN, hence duathlon = powerman = duathlon.

Duathlon is a chosen lifestyle in much the same way that we choose fitness over being sedentary. Completing a duathlon takes training and dedication and always looking forward to the next competition to perform at one’s best.

The Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas ,the Philippine affiliate of the International Powerman Association (IPA), started bringing in world-class duathlons last year. The Philippine counterparts want to encourage more people of all ages, from all walks of life, to live a healthier, more active lifestyle, and perhaps consider taking on the challenge of becoming a Powerman.

Encouraged by a successful and well-participated first in Balanga, Bataan last year, the 2016 Powerman series will consist of:



Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas Asian Invitational (November 20, 2016 at the SM MOA by the Bay) consisting of a Powerman Short (5km run-30 km -5km run) Powerman  Duathlon Pilipinas World Series (December 3-4, 2016 at the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga) Aside from featuring a Powerman Short, events will also include the Powerman Classic (10 km run-60 km bike-10 km run), Powerkids (for kids ages 6-16) and Powerteens leg.

nomannopwerThis year’s #NoManNoPower theme for the Poweman Duathlon Series is expected to attract around 3000 participants, mostly newbies lining up for the shorter distances or the seasoned powerman extending his influence by bringing in family and friends to compete in the other categories.


anytime fitness

During the media launch held in April 2016, it was revealed that fitness partner, Anytime Fitness, has devised a Power Training program that will help boost stamina and improve athletic ability at the races.

org comm
LongTable for Organizing Team at the Media Launch, ClawDaddys BGC 042816
media launch
Long Table of Media Partners


Apart from the requisite physical training, the program will include Power Camps and Power Clinics. These are venues where guest coaches and other mentors will share their expertise to help participants improve  techniques, or overcome other physical and mental barriers that may impede optimum performance.

Gael Le Bellec, Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas Ambassador and Powerman World Champion for 2014 &2015 will be one of the guest coaches.

Powerman Gives Bikes to the Batang Tri Grassroots Program

Part of the proceeds of Powerman will go towards buying bicycles and other gear for the Batang Tri Grassroots program. This is a program that supports young individuals who do not have the financial means to enter the world of multi-sports. Starting out as an initiative of CEO and president of F&F International Events Group, Inc. and restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo, Batang Tri is currently headed by Coach Jojo Macalintal, Coach Ivan Leopando and Coach Melvin Fausto, and is supported by Seafood Island.

Visit www.powerman.ph to register. Or check out  Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas on Facebook for  more information and updates.

For FAQs, please visit: http://www.powerman.ph/?page_id=202.

Power Man - Final Logos - 150217

Raise your Level of Competition: Become Powerman!RBR shirt


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