Save Your Laptop with Protech

Next to your mobile, the laptop is indispensable for the daily grind especially if you don’t own a tablet. But the minute you start using laptop backpack instead of the cushioned bag it was intended for, you’d get bumps and cracks on those encasing without you knowing it — till the damage worsens. Mine is a Samsung Slimbook that boasts of an ultrathin 0.82inch thickness; problem is this slimbook hardly classifies as light with its over 3lbs weight.This means carrying it around in a backpack could be cumbersome. Additionally, I could be careless to just drop the entire thing on the floor, in haste.

In short, a few weeks ago, the laptop cover would not close and align itself to the keyboard half. The left hinge became unattached and disaligned the entire laptop. While function was not immediately affected, I was worried about worsening the hinge problem sideways to also affect the right hinge of the laptop. Before wires start popping out, I did my research…and found Protech.

Smiling in contentment after getting good feedback from past customers (Google it!), I set off to their shop in Quezon City. I could not risk leaving my laptop with some run-of-the-mill repair guy that you can contact through buy-and-sell online channels. One sure deterrent that you don’t fall for such trap is to determine the validity of such establishment with its permits and credentials. Well, this Protech is legit.

Now for the service part. Mar (the receptionist-customer service cum repair guy) explained the tedious process of repairing my encasing, which can be likened to a car undergoing body repair. At least for my problem, there were no parts that had to be replaced so it was almost 100% labor that would dictate charges.

I’m a happy camper, having discovered this shop because:

  • prior to accepting the unit, all hardware were checked for functionality and accounted for in the computerized service/claim form
  • the timeline of 3-5 days for the repair may have been an overstatement, but I got my unit back in 2 days time

Visit Protech to get your money’s worth and prolong your laptop’s life!


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