Save TIME, EFFORT and MONEY: My Pocket Doctor

The right to get medical attention is a great equalizer among the social classes. You don’t have to be an indigent to learn that trying to get a consultation with your family physician is such a hassle. It’s a pain in the saddle to drive or ride in Metro Manila’s carmageddon (the netizens coined this for standstill-traffic along EDSA), get in line for more than 2 hours, talk to your MD for a limited 15 minutes and then pay an average consultation fee of more than P500.

Thank the heavens for online and digital access, doctors can now be at your fingertips…and more!

MyPocketDoctor is the country’s first telemedicine app that makes medical consultations accessible 24/7 with help and convenience of technology, enabling patients to have that private consultation with well-trained and experienced doctors from various fields of medicine. In other words, the patient saves TIME, MONEY and EFFORT from these benefits:

  1. No more allowance on travel time and gasoline
  2. No more long queue or jostling with other patients and medical representatives, or even waiting for the doctor to finish his rounds for the day
  3. No more pressure to fast-track your paid time (it is hard to have your consultation when you’re patient No 100 and its almost the end of the day…)
  4. Now you can allocate some of your funds for consultation fees to medicines from prescription or even food.
MyPocketDoctor was formally launched in the market last May 2016. This was taken with the Mediaxes Executives.

Getting MyPocketDoctor in your pocket!

Access the MyPocketDoctor website and download the application through the Google Playstore App for android users or the App Store for iOs gadgets.

Register via TEXT to 29290DOCTOR (or 2929036-2867). A nurse will contact you shortly to assist in completing A ONE-TIME registration, including a thorough medical assessment and history-taking that should be part of your Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ).

Purchase your MPD card (MyPocketDoctor card costs only P450.00 for every consult) and use the coupon code to start getting the desired consultation through SMS, the app itself, or through the website.

The MPD card and coupon codes are currently available online at the MPD website and partner HMOs. More easy availment and payment options will be open through different partners and establishments across the country.

If needed, video consults can be done with good internet connection.

The app has a link to the option of having your prescribed medicine delivered right at your doorstep!

MPD CARD 1.jpg
MPD Card (Front)
MPD CARD 2.jpg
MPD Card (Back) with coupon code in scratch-off portion

MyPocketDoctor started in Europe a few years ago but in the Philippines, Mediaxes Philippines took the logistical helm of developing it and bringing it home. The future looks bright as Mediaxes Philippines will be partnering with HMOs to expand their services in the country, giving more medical convenience to a larger number of Filipinos.


Learn more about MyPocketDoctor or shoot your queries in Facebook:

Instant access to medical care is a just a few clicks or taps away! Get a sneak peak of MyPocketDoctor here.


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