Hallyu Reveals the Secrets of Beauty

hallyu logoMany have tried and copied the Korean-style but authetic hallyu can only come from Hallyu Secret Aesthetics and Beauty Training.  When I first told my daughter Aimee about it, she immediately gushed, “Wow, Ma, this is authentic premier Korean facial treatment!” It was unfortunate that I was on an advocacy mission that I had to send her to Greenhills for the product test in my stead. Additionally, she had discriminating taste for beauty products, as with most millenials who have theory at their fingertips, but never enough real experience to vouch for.

This was how Hallyu revealed its secrets to Aimee on June 5, 2018 :


Last weekend, I was able to visit Hallyu Secret in San Juan to try out their facial services! Hallyu Secret Aesthetics and Beauty Training uses Korean and European beauty techniques for procedures that are great to pamper and spoil yourself with like permanent make-up, face treatments depending on your skin type, and hair treatments.


hallyu staff
The expertise showed right from consultation. Sir Raphael and LK Park huddled here with a Client.

When I went inside, I was immediately asked to fill up a form with some basic information before I sat down with Miss Helen and Sir Raphael, two Korean beauty experts who assessed my skin, gave me advice on how to address certain problems, and walked me through the whole process. They did this with everybody who came in, so you know that they really take the time to care for your skin. First, they asked me what I wanted to achieve, which was mainly to stave off pimple breakouts and minimize my pores, but they also pointed out that I had some deep pimple scaring on my cheek. They recommended that I get the BB Glow treatment, which is great for lightening up your skin and fixing discoloration, and they even showed me some before-and-after pictures so that I knew what to expect.

The whole treatment was a six-step process: (1) cleansing, (2) deep cleansing, (3) applying anesthetic cream, (4) microneedle therapy system (MTS), (5) omega light treatment, and (6) a cooling mask.


making cleansing and deep-cleansing fun and serious at the same time!

applied anesthetic cream
the applied anesthetic cream 

Now, you might be wondering why anesthetic cream is involved, and that’s because of the MTS procedure that comes right after! Think of the BB Glow treatment that lightens up your skin with semi-permanent make-up applied with tiny needles. The anesthetic cream is a precaution, but I barely felt a thing during my session, and it was fun to feel my face numbed out for half an hour! This was the first time I had ever had this kind of facial done for myself, so it was a fun experience that really made me feel like I was giving my skin a treat.

The omega light treatment that came after involved applying a sheet mask with serum on me and placing a LED light machine over my face for fifteen minutes to dry it up. The whole process was wrapped up with a cooling rubber mask to calm you skin down after everything, which made it a great time to nap, relax, and feel excited about the results.

omega light

I came out of the BB Glow facial with my face looking brighter and a little red in some spots, but the experts at Hallyu Secret assured me that it would go away after my skin completely recovers from the treatment. I avoided getting my face wet and sweating too much for a full 24 hours, and two days later, the redness was gone and my complexion was significantly lighter with less scarring!


Go get your secrets revealed too!

Hallyu Secret Aesthetics and Beauty Training     

Highlights info row image Unit 305 3F Fox Square Building #53 Connecticut St. Greenhills San Juan City
San Juan del Monte
Highlights info row image 0908 781 2021
Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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