AUSTRALIA HARVEST OATMEAL: Fiber, Health and Energy in Sports


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If your goal is to be fit and healthy, oatmeal should be on top of your list. Here are just some of the take-aways you get by eating oatmeal on a daily basis, mainly due to its fiber and other energy-packed ingredients:

  • Promotes healthy cholesterol and therefore better heart health
  • Stimulates the colon and large intestine to rid the body of harmful foods we have eaten throughout the day
  • Its low glycemic index makes it perfect for weight loss and even for diabetics and hypertensives
  • Its “slow-carbs” content gives you energy for an active lifestyle

AHO logoIn choosing your personal brand of oatmeal, consider Australia Harvest Oatmeal. It uses the best oats variety from West Australia and packs peak levels of dietary fiber. Zero pollution, haven for growing the best nature-nurtured oats in the world—this is West Australia. Home to nature, the great outbacks, rugby. And Australia Harvest Oatmeal.

It’s for this reason why the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) and National Rugby Football team (Philippine Volcanoes) signs up for another round as Australia Harvest Oatmeal’s brand ambassadors.  SEA Games-Podium

“Rugby is one of Australia’s favorite sports; it’s also one of the toughest. In a sport as physical as this, you need to keep your body strong and healthy to win. That’s why our team always starts the day with a bowl of Australia Harvest Oatmeal. It’s made with some of the best oats in the world,” says Team Captain Jake Letts.

Australia Harvest Oatmeal Four Aus-some Variants

Australia Harvest Oatmeal comes in four variants. People on the go may simply add water to Australia Harvest Instant Oats, gulp it down, and get fit—anytime, anywhere!

All-time best seller is the Australia Harvest Quick Cooking Oats — chunky and enjoyable oatmeal that cooks fast. Perfect for health buffs (and RUNNERS like me!) who seek a fuller fill and better digestion.

New AH Rolled Oats 500g_MockupThe chunky and chewy variant, Australia Harvest Whole Rolled Oats is the oatmeal expert’s favorite! It has whole grains and full-packed with all of oats’ beneficial fiber and nutrients.






New AH Oatbran 500g_MockupLast but not the least is the super fiber of oats — Australia Harvest Oat Bran. The outer covering of the oat grain Oat Bran contains the highest level of dietary fiber. It is also ideal for diabetics and people with hypertension.





Australia Harvest Oatmeal is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide, and is exclusively imported and distributed by Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory, Inc. Visit and like Australia Harvest Oatmeal’s Facebook page for updates, today.

Stock up and enjoy life and sports and running to the fullest!

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